Private Lessons & Audition Prep

Private lessons are reserved for those who have 2 or more years of study, unique learning needs, and are serious about pursuing their talent long-term.  Lessons occur once a week at the same time each week.  Lesson availability varies widely on each instrument.  Contact us to inquire about private lessons or audition prep.

What do we do in private lessons?

Develop our musical ear & general musicianship (beat & rhythmic understanding, phrasing, etc.)

Learn to read music notation (at an age-appropriate level)

Build practice skill & momentum

Develop technique on our instrument

Have fun while being challenged

What instruments do you offer?

*Piano (Ages 4 & up)

*Ukulele (Ages 8 & up)

*Guitar (Grades 2 & up)

*Violin (ages 5 & up)


How much are your lessons?

Lessons are paid on a monthly tuition schedule:

30 minutes/weekly- $95/month

45 minutes/weekly- $115/month

Contact us to schedule a free consultation!


Audition Prep

Frequency:        Weekly/As Needed

Duration:           60 minutes

Times:               Call for scheduling        

Pricing:              $40/hour

Requirements:    It is vital to success to prepare early (8-12 months in advance) for auditions.  Please bring any audition requirements, rubrics, repertoire, information etc. available for the actual audition.  

Contact us to schedule a free consultation!